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Today, live like you wanna let yesterday burn and throw it in a fire

Today, live like you wanna let yesterday burn and throw it in a fire


Twitter / Shimashima108: うしじまさん半乳T座り〜!ギリギリ感が素敵過ぎる形のTシャツ …


like you know what the past five hundred years have been like:
every day blaming himself for serah, trying to fix the world.

Serah Farron | Final Fantasy XIII-2

Serah Farron | Final Fantasy XIII-2


Dress like a samurai and other Final Fantasy heroes in Lightning Returns

More downloadable costumes are available for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 today, giving players the option to dress the titular heroine as classic Final Fantasy heroes and embellished samurai garb, Square Enix announced today.

For $9.99, players can pick up the Final Fantasy Legends pack, which includes outfits from three past series characters: Yuna’s sphere hunter garb with Tidus’ iconic blue Brotherhood sword from Final Fantasy 10-2; Cloud’s SOLDIER 1st Class uniform and Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7; and the pink dress and staff of Aerith Gainsborough, also from Final Fantasy 7. The Cloud and Aerith outfits were both previously only available through pre-ordering the title through Amazon or GameStop and the Square Enix Online Store, respectively.

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